Will Lidell chuck old strategies as he enters 40s?

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The Iceman was once known as an unstoppable force in the UFC  but as he prepares for his next big bout, fans wonder if they might see  Lidell chuck his old manner of fighting as father time ticks on?

Once an unstoppable UFC force with a 16-3 start, Liddell would beat Jeremy Horn and Randy Couture in their respective rematches. Next, he set his sights on Quinton “Rampage” Jackson striving to defeat the only other loss marring his record. Unfortunately for Liddell this would only open a can of worms when Rampage beat him via TKO in the first round. The defeat seemed to shake the confidence of the Iceman setting him up for numerous losses.  Now, at forty years of age many are questioning if Lidell is the fighter he once was or should he just retire?

It’s obvious to some that UFC’s Dana White feels that Chuck should end his career. He orchestrated the opportunity for Liddell to be inducted in the UFC’s Hall of Fame at which time Liddell didn’t seem too happy to be awarded the honor. This was due to the fact that Liddell feels his career is far from over.

White’s actions are not helpful to The Iceman’s confidence in his ability to fight. Despite Dana’s opinion on Liddell’s stopping point, he has allowed Chuck to continue representing the UFC. With Liddell’s up and coming fight against Rich “Ace” Franklin at UFC 115 perhaps the Iceman will silence his critics.

In recent years, many MMA fighters have honed their striking game and are able to stand toe to toe with experienced strikers. This gives opportunity for lucky punches to slip through to knock out opponents, like in Chuck’s match with Rashad Evans. Unless Liddell can evolve into a more rounded combatant then he will continue to experience loss.

Chuck must now switch gears and use his excellent grappling skills if he is going beat Franklin at UFC 115. Franklin is known for his stand up striking skills but is very adaptable to any situation. Lidell needs to take a page from Franklin’s play book and become more flexible with his repertoire.

Regardless of the outcome of UFC 115 no one can take away the awesome moments Chuck “The Iceman” Lidell has given to MMA fans worldwide. Now as UFC Hall of Fame member he has already cemented his spot in this great sport. Whether Lidell "chucks" his M.O. or not, hopefully, he will be around to continue to entertain the millions of MMA followers for many years to come.

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