White Promises Chuck Liddell is Done

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Once again, UFC president Dana White is proclaiming that Chuck Liddell's career is over.

The Iceman was one and done in UFC 115 when Rich Franklin caught him with the right punch after Liddell's notorious aggression left him open.

One of the most popular fighter is UFC history, Liddell's career suddenly looks much like Muhammad Ali's final boxing moments.  A once-proud warrior now overmatched by the young guns.  Liddell isn't a bad fighter...he's just not the same as he used to be and that's dangerous when you're fighting at the UFC's highest levels.

One wonders if Liddell has been trying to prolong his career as he sees the sport not only grow but explode in popularity.  The money is a lot better, the exposure can do wonders for a bank account and the rush of being a popular fixture to more than just a niche audience has to be alluring, even at age 40.  You couldn't blame Liddell if he was hoping to hang on as long as he can.  Ask players in other sports whose careers ended in the mid-1980s if they wouldn't like to be cashing today's paychecks.  Spectator sports are bigger than ever.

Now's the time, though, for Liddell to make way for a new generation.  He shouldn't need Dana White's promises to make that call.  There are plenty of opportunities out there, even if he may not be there for the UFC's biggest paydays.


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  1. Matt says:

    I realize that I am commenting late on this post, but it seems that the discussion is still very relevant. Dana White has squashed the idea of Liddell v Ortiz III, which seemed like the only logical fight left for Liddell in the UFC. Hopefully we hear something soon.

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