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Why is UFC video so hard to find? I have come to the conclusion that searching for UFC video results in more frustration than actual results these days.  Much of that has to do with the UFC protecting its biggest asset--video from the big UFC bouts that it sells to those who want to watch live.

Of course, many of the fights are pay-per-view. The pre-fight interviews and post-fight interview videos are almost immediately up following a big fight. Finding the actual fight video can be a lot tougher. Especially if you want the UFC video for free. Just go ahead and assume you're going to have to pay to see it.

Here are some sites that frequently post UFC video. Try MMACore for several free MMA and UFC related videos. Typically the home page has ten video links. Currently the site has an Anderson Silva fight, the controversial Chuck Liddell exercise video and several other previews and fights. You won't find every UFC fight video free anywhere-but this is one of the most helpful resources.

Metacafe typically also has some good fight archives and UFC related video. There is a search box at the top of the homepage that allows UFC fans to enter particular search terms. A generic UFC video search revealed over 100 UFC videos.

The official UFC website has  features and previews but not many actual UFC fight videos. If you want to purchase a UFC fight video, that's the place to do it if you prefer watching on your computer.  If you're looking for UFC video of past fights, the company is providing a fairly strong and growing library of UFC DVDs and Books that you can buy for a fairly reasonable cost.

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