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June 12, 2010 UFC 115 Liddell V Franklin will occur in Vancouver, B.C.

The card is action packed with the usual diverse representation of each weight class.

The long awaited main event has the Iceman squaring off against Rich “Ace” Franklin. Never before have these two combatants faced off in the octagon. It is sure to be a great fight, but with Chuck Liddell’s penance to knock his opponents out one can only hope that the fight may go the distance to showcase the talents of Franklin.

My prediction for UFC 115 is that Franklin will take this fight due to the fact that he is the more diverse fighter, despite having to move up in weight class. The Iceman seems to be suffering from confidence issues and has only won one of his last five bouts.
Another exciting match up to look forward to is Mirko Cro Cop vs Pat Berry. These two opponents have each had a hand full of UFC fights. Berry is known for his striking ability while Cro Cop is the more rounded fighter. I’m looking for the more experienced Cro Cop to beat Berry.
Paulo Thiago - Martin Kaupmann will be an interesting bout because these two fighters are quite evenly matched with their MMA records. Kaupmann has more UFC expertise with double the match ups than the slightly older Thiago. It’s a tossup in my opinion between these two middleweight contenders.
This next fight has the potential for the fight of the night honors. Carlos Condit V Rory MacDonald will be a fabulous show of striking and ground attack. The Natural Born Killer has the advantage with more fights under his belt then the undefeated new comer MacDonald. My prediction for this UFC 115 bout will be for Condit to submit MacDonald.
Tyson Griffin V Evan Dunham is another possible contender for fight of the night. This is a dream match for MMA fans. Dunham is undefeated in his career with three UFC fights to his credit. Griffin has experienced two losses in the UFC but has come back all the stronger. My prediction for Griffin V Dunham at UFC 115 is that Griffin will dominate Dunham with a great show of striking and eventually wear Dunham down to win the fight.
There are five other bouts on this card that might not make the broadcast bringing the total fight card to ten matches. UFC 115 is sure to be a great PPV well worth the money spent to watch it.

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