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When you talk about the UFC’s epic rivalries, you have to mentioned Ortiz vs. Shamrock. Most will say that Ortiz has made it look like there is no rivalry with his dominating performances, but it was a matchup that drew fans’ curiosity.

The two have now met three times including Ortiz vs. Shamrock 3: The Final Chapter. The MMA event was held October 10, 2006 and was carried live nationally on Spike Television. The main event of Ortiz vs. Shamrock drew an estimated 5.7 million viewers. Ortiz won the third and final bout by knockout in the first round.  The knockout of Shamrock came at just 2:23.

Ortiz vs. Shamrock was also the co-main fight for UFC 61. It took just 78 seconds before referee Herb Dean called off the action. While it resulted in another Ortiz victory, some disputed that the fight was called too quickly.  Was the dominance still in question?  To remove all doubt, we would get the Final Chapter match.

Nearly four years earlier, Ortiz had pounded Shamrock at UFC 41. Some called UFC 41 an awesome display of strength and quickness by Ortiz.  The lopsided battle marked the first meeting between the two. Shamrock would eventually complain that he faced Ortiz in UFC 41 with a torn ACL. By the end of ’06, there was little doubt who was the better fighter.

Ortiz vs. Shamrock was also a battle on The Ultimate Fighter 3 on Spike Television. The two were opposing coaches on the show.

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