Mike Bisping and the Road to UFC 114

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When English fighter Mike Bisping steps into the octagon with Dan Miller at UFC 114, he can do more than avenge a UFC 110 loss to Wanderlei Silva. Bisping, 31, has the opportunity to end a career.

Miller, who has lost two straight UFC bouts, is on notice. A third straight loss means he likely gets dropped from the UFC and returns to his old job doing construction in New Jersey.

If Miller wins, he deals Bisping a third loss in four bouts.

Bisping and Silva were on their feet for much of their UFC 110 bout, one that ended in a unanimous decision for Silva. Silva, 33, was reeling coming into the match, having lost two straight and four of his last five.

Bisping's reputation precedes him as a gutsy fighter who will stand and trade blows with any opponent.

In his UFC 105 match against Denis Kang, the two went back and forth trading blows in the first round until MikeĀ  Bisping took control in the second. After scoring three takedowns, he landed a knee to Kang's head that put an immediate end to the fight.

Bisping lost his UFC 100 bout with Dan "Hendo" Henderson just as abruptly. After a scramble in the second round, Henderson caught Bisping with a clean right fist, then pounced on a stunned Bisping on the mat with another deadly right that ended the fight.

Bisping began training full-time as a mixed martial artist in 2003 and became best known for winning The Ultimate Fighter reality series in 2006. He made his debut later that year and won his first two matches over Eric Schafer and Elvis Sinosic by technical knockout.

There are few dull moments with Bisping, either inside or outside the octagon. He is a brash, flamboyant talker who is unafraid of the "bad guy" role in his fights. And when the bell rings, it's a flurry of action until either Bisping or his opponent is on the canvas.

Mike Bisping calls his favorite striking technique the flying knee, and he uses it. Sparks could fly when he goes toe to toe with Miller, whose back is against the wall after back-to-back losses. Expect both of these guys to come out swinging for the fences in a match that most suits Bisping's aggressive style.

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