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Let's take you back for a Kimbo Slice video that still serves as a bit of history.

Slice, of course, is a legend in the sport.  A little long in the tooth now, to take advantage of the rocketing popularity of the MMA, but luckily there are opportunities to catch him in his prime thanks to video.

Do you remember the Kimbo Slice debut on Showtime? It was November 10, 2007 at the Elite XC:  Renegade.

Kevin Ferguson, or Kimbo Slice as he is known, was awesome. In fact, Slice absolutely pounds Bo Cantrell. If you don't remember, Cantrell took the fight with Kimbo on short notice. Bo probably regrets it. Why?  It's one of the fastest fights in history as Kimbo Slice takes care of business in just 19 seconds. The fight announcers on ShowTime were in shock, saying things like, "Slice dropping Cantrell like names in a Hollywood Party". You can view that Kimbo video here at

How about Kimbo Slice knocking the heck out of Tank Abbott? The date was February 16, 2008 for the Elite XC:  Street Certified in Miami.

It was just the second Pro MMA fight for Kimbo who nearly repeated his performance against Bo Cantrell. It was a little longer than 19 seconds this time, but Kimbo still dominates in his second professional MMA event. This time is takes him all of 43 seconds into the first round to knock out Tank.

The hard punching Kimbo video can be viewed here at

Kimbo Slice would eventually defeat James Thompson before finally losing his first MMA fight to Seth Petruzelli in October of 2008.

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