Jon Jones Memorabilia Among Most Sought After by UFC Fans

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He is arguably the best UFC mixed martial arts fighter in the world today. It’s without question that he is the best light heavyweight UFC MMA fighter.  When he finishes his UFC career he may be considered the greatest MMA fighter in history.  Jon Jones memorabilia is among the hottest in the world and collectors can't seem to get enough of it.

Autograph Jon Jones photographSome of the Jon Jones items that you can find on eBay are posters, shirts, jerseys, signed UFC Official MMA Fight gloves and even a UFC replica belt. However, the most popular Bones Jones item that can be found on eBay are his autographed UFC trading cards. A search of his name will bring forth a large number of signed cards from his appearance in various sets issued by Topps.  It's often the easiest--and cheapest route--to build a collection of Jones material.

Jon Jones signed rookie cardTopps UFC cards featuring Jones can vary in price.  His UFC ‘rookie card’ is from 2009 and pictures him in his first UFC fight.  His first autographed card is in that set and while you can find one for a couple hundred dollars, the holy grail is the 2009 Topps UFC Jon Jones red autographed card numbered to just 25 and often priced at nearly $1,600.

Certified Jones autographed cards from subsequent issues are far less expensive.

On eBay a Jon Jones fan can find his autograph on cards, posters, gloves, jerseys and hats. This is not a complete list but these are the items of Jon Jones that seem to be sold the most.

Jones is the king of one of the most physically demanding and ferocious sports in the world. When he arrived on the UFC scene, he took the sport by storm. Never before had the UFC been blessed with an athlete with his athleticism combined with top fighting ability. Now that he has reached the pinnacle of his profession the value of his memorabilia is increasing and will likely continue to do so.

When one thinks of Jon Jones memorabilia collections the question sometimes arises of what would be considered the best Jon Jones memorabilia to own.  One candidate would be a pair of Jones' autographed fight-worn gloves or shirt because they represent something he actually wore in the octagon.  Those, however, are very rare.  Fight worn ‘relics’ or patch cards can be found inside cards issued by Topps and feature a tiny swatch of the fight-worn item.  Autographed versions are usually low numbered and priced at $100 and up.  Ordinary relic cards are just a few bucks.

Currently, there is a large amount of Jon Jones' memorabilia available for purchase on eBay and this is due to the huge fan following he has developed. He is the only fighter in the UFC who has worldwide endorsement deal with Nike which includes his own signature shoe and shirt.

The good thing about the popularity of Jon Jones memorabilia for a collector is that his immense UFC following basically guarantees that anyone can start their collection through purchases on eBay because there is such a plethora of Jon Jones' items available for purchase.  Click here to see what's available.

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