Frankie Edgar: New UFC Superstar?

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Frankie Edgar, the pride of Toms River, showed some New Jersey toughness on Saturday.

Like another native son, Bruce Springsteen, Edgar was  gritty, tireless and most importantly, all heart in his historic win over B.J. Penn in the UFC lightweight fight.  At the end, his effort had earned him a convincing win and a title belt he slung over his shoulder like a badge of honor.

His eye and cheek bones were bruised and showed just how much of a battle he'd been in with the hard-nosed Penn, a UFC favorite once thought to be virtually unbeatable.

Frankie Edgar, though, is now the king of the lightweight division and you can bet that his Topps UFC trading card, his autograph and fight-worn memorabilia have just taken a giant leap.  It doesn't matter that the fight was thousands of miles away...the shockwaves resonated back home to Toms River and well beyond as Edgar completely shook up the MMA world with his upset victory.

The only one who might not consider it an upset is Frank himself.  Ever confident, he exclaimed afterward that he "knew he could beat him".

Now, the only question long can Frankie Edgar stay on top?  If he can match Saturday's performance, it might be a long time indeed.

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