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Could Frank vs. Lesnar happen for a third time? UFC fighters Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir are no strangers. The two major stars of the UFC have already squared off twice in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The two have split those memorable UFC fights.

Lesnar vs. Mir part one took place in February of 2008. The fight was UFC 81: Breaking Point and marked the first pro fight in the UFC for Lesnar. It turned out to be quite short. In fact, Mir emerged victorious within just 90 seconds. Lesnar tapped out to end the fight. Mir had won via submission.

It took just one year for a rematch of the two MMA standouts. Frank and Brock were set for a UFC battle again in 2009. This time it was at UFC 100 and the match was held on July 11, 2009, nearly a year and a half after Lesnar’s rather inauspicious debut.

Brock Lesnar, who had known so much success as a collegiate wrestler, had his pride wounded the year before. After losing to Frank Mir in his debut, the big man from Upper Midwest came back to defeat Randy Couture and was on his game this time around against Mir.

The second UFC battle of Frank vs. Lesnar lasted less than two rounds with Lesnar taking the bout.

Lesnar scored takedowns in the first round. The big blow came in the 2nd round, however. Lesnar landed a strong punch to Mir's face. A bloodied and defeated Mir ended UFC 100 in Round two.

Lesnar then taunted Mir much to the chagrin of fans in attendance. Lesnar didn't leave the arena on good terms. An obscene hand gesture was greeted by a chorus of boos. A sport that prides itself on being tough but sportsmanlike had taken a distasteful hit from this relative newcomer and many UFC loyalists were outraged.

Fans are eager for the possibility of a Lesnar vs. Mir rematch. With one apiece, the third Frank vs Lesnar extravaganza would be for the outright bragging rights.

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