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There is an interesting Chuck Liddell video going viral these days. No, the Chuck Liddell video isn't of the fighting variety. How about Chuck Liddell and his girlfriend Heidi Northcott in the buff? Apparently, Chuck Liddell was encouraged by Reebook to exercise in the nude with his girlfriend wearing just a pair of Reebok shoes.

When I say encouraged, I mean helped out financially. This paid for Chuck Liddell video, which can be seen on the New York Daily News, was intentional. Liddell and his girlfriend are both nude but censored in the video.

You see Liddell doing some pull-ups in the video while his shapely girlfriend is doing some cardio in the background. Liddell eventually moves on to some squats in the very brief but revealing video. Chuck Liddell is wearing just a pair of Reebook ZigTech shoes. His girlfriend, Heidi Northcott, is also in the background with a pair of ZigTech shoes. This intentional social media Chuck Liddell video can be viewed on the following New York Daily News website.

Was it in the best interest of Chuck Liddell to pose for such an intentional viral campaign? The Chuck Liddell video has been viewed thousands of times and is making its way around the net. The stunt is creating a good amount of buzz considering his status within the UFC. With a major sponsorship like Reebok hopping on board, the sky is the limit for future viral campaigns aimed at drawing UFC and MMA fans.

The future for UFC in the mainstream corporate advertising world is bright. As the popularity of the UFC increases, so will the number of opportunities for UFC fighters to appear in those ads. The NBC show The Apprentice served as a small sampling for that with Tito Ortiz. Dancing With The Stars included Chuck Liddell.

However…look for future ads to include less nudity and more normal endorsements with UFC figures.

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