Chuck Iceman Liddell Opens Own Shop

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Chuck Iceman Liddell, who plans to take another run at the title, has opened, what he refers to as a 'fans headquarters,' in San Luis Obispo, CA. Fans of martial arts can check out his various lines of sports supplements as well as mixed martial arts clothing and other items.

Liddell's store is called 'Ultimate Iceman.'  and will also house a display of memorabilia autographed by the former light heavyweight champion of ultimate fighting. He will also display trophies as well as his gold-plated mantler he received after being recognized as the 'Most Dangerous Man at the Spike TV 2007 Guy's Choice Awards.'

Liddell, who is now 40, lives in San Luis Obispo. He is a member of the UFC and Cal Poly halls of fame. He attended Cal Poly from 1988 to 1993 when he was a member of the wrestling team.

Liddell signed autographs for the first 100 fans who entered the new store he owns which opened the middle of the month. The store, located at 588 California Blvd. will be managed by Natalie Poor. She reported that the Iceman will make special appearances at the store whenever possible. She pointed out that this is often difficult, however, because the last few years have taken Liddell to such things as training for the 'Dancing with the Stars' show on ABC TV.

Now he is busy preparing for his much-anticipated June fight with Rich Franklin at UFC 115.

The Iceman's sister, Laurelai Wallis, who lives in Los Alamos, and his brother Dan, who lives in San Luis Obispo, have been recruited by the owner of the store to not only organize the business but also to do the marketing and the sales of his sports supplements. Liddell designed the supplements and they first went on sale last year with an area retailer named MG Sports Supplements.

The manager of the store said that Liddell's family and friends have been the key in getting the store opened.  Poor also commented that Liddell likes to work closely with the people who best support his own interests.

The manager reported that the store, which has a retail area of approximately 300 square feet, will have a minimun number of employees, probably less than five. No mention was made if the store might expand in the future.

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