Brock Lesnar Illness

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Brock Lesnar’s illness has caused many to wonder if he’ll be able to resume his position on top of the UFC Heavyweight Division.

What was this mysterious illness that scared the living heck out of so many, likely including the fighter himself?

Lesnar did not fight on his scheduled UFC 106 Fight Card thanks to what was described as “an undisclosed illness”. Fans were curious about what it could be. The illness kept Lesnar from fighting Shane Carwin in UFC 106. That bout was scheduled for October of 2009. Almost a month later, fans finally figured out what the issue was.

Lesnar had a serious intestinal disorder that required surgery. While in Canada, he apparently collapsed, prompting UFC President Dana White to say "he's not well. He's not going to be getting well anytime soon." White said at the time that the nature of the illness was so severe that Brock Lesnar might not ever fight again. To make matters worse, Lesnar also contracted mononucleosis along the way.

He endured surgery to repair the intestinal disorder. The mono was treated. He began training again. The UFC breathed a sigh of relief. It’s biggest ticket was not going anywhere.

Now, after battling the illness that nearly cost him his career, Brock is ready for a comeback. Will he be in UFC fight condition when he returns in the summer of 2010? That’s something we won’t really know until the next time he suits up for battle.

Depending upon what happens, it could be an epic fight. Lesnar fans will just be thrilled to see him back in the spotlight in the UFC. If he comes back to win, it might be serve as one of the greatest comebacks in the history of competitive fighting.

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