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Why was the Brock Lesnar - Herring fight important in the scheme of things? First, let's get to the history of when and where this Mixed Martial Arts event took place.

Brock Lesnar vs. Heath “The Texas Crazy Horse” Herring was in UFC 87 and was held at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 9, 2008.

This fight has it's moment in history because Brock, who was a one time pro wrestler, was attempting to earn UFC respect after his MMA career opening loss to Frank Mir.

Heath Herring entered the fight riding very high after defeating the respectable Cheik Congo.  The fight got a lot of attention, many anxious to see how Lesnar would respond.

Lesnar won by unanimous decision. All three judges had him on top by a score of 30-26. The individual rounds of UFC 87 between Lesnar and Herring were scored 10-8,10-9,10-9. The first round saw Lesnar dominate.  The big man landed several punches to the side of Herring’s head. Round one also saw what was perhaps the biggest moment of the fight.  As time was winding down, Lesnar landed three brutal knees to the body of Herring, sending him to the corner in some serious pain.

FC 87 marked a make-or-break moment for Brock Lesnar. The Lesnar Herring fight could have resulted in the end of the Lesnar’s career had he lost.  His ability to get a third fight after starting 0-2 would have been unlikely and the move from WWE may have looked like a bad gamble.

It worked out much differently, of course.  Lesnar would eventually go on to be the Heavyweight Champion of the UFC and one of its most powerful forces.

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