Brazil’s Top UFC Fighters Impacting Collectible Market

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A growing number of top UFC fighters hail from Brazil including champions and top contenders such as Anderson da Silva, Junior dos Santos, Demina Maia and Paulo Thiago.  The number of international collectors and fans is rising, providing a growing market for these fighters. As MMA continues to rise in popularity in Brazil, many of these fighters’ profiles will only continue to rise along with the value of their collectibles.
·    Anderson da Silva UFC Collectibles
As the Middleweight Champion in the UFC, Anderson Silva is one of Brazil’s top martial artists. He holds a 13 match win streak, and is considered one of the top overall fighters in the world. Holding his title since 2006, he has skills ranging from Jiu-Jitsu to Muay Thai to Judo and boxing. His fan base has grown both domestically and internationally, as he has earned a reputation as a flexible fighter known as “The Spider”.
Beginning his MMA career in 2001 in Japan, he entered global competition with at Pride 25 where he defeated former UFC champion Carlos Newton. He has built a record of 27-4, going undefeated over the past five years in impressive fashion. As a result, there are a growing number of collectibles for da Silva including autographed UFC gloves, photos, action figures, mat relics (from his classic UFC 77 championship bout) and many more.  Since da Silva has been in many championship bouts, he has accumulated a wide variety of collectable assets over the years, making him one of the most sought after collectible fighters.
·    International Collectibles from Junior dos Santos
A rising contender in the heavyweight division, Junior dos Santos is one of the most popular MMA athletes in the world. Hailing from Santa Catarina, Brazil, he has an impressive record of 12-1 since he began fighting at age 21. With his debut at UFC 90, he won an upset factory and went on to victories in UFC 95, 103,and 117. As we look forward to UFC 124, dos Santos is sure to continue to rise in popularity.
His collectables vary widely, including signed fight gloves, official Topps autograph relics, signed photos and official posters. As a rising athlete, smart collectors should begin paying close attention to emerging items from dos Santos. Rising to face a championship bout in 2011, he will continue to be a highly desired athlete.

Ultimate Fighter – Collecting TUF Gear
The growing popularity of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) series on Spike has resulted in an impressive collection of collectibles dating back to 2005. Ever since Forrest Griffin emerged in the first Ultimate Fighter, the show has become a staple for fans and collectors alike.  Topps has released a variety of Ultimate Fighter cards dating back to 2009, including special collectors’ items from the show. Additionally, you can find signed event gear from fighters such as fan favorite Kimbo Slice which are widely popular today.
Looking back at the history of TUF, a number of prominent MMA fighters have emerged from the bouts including Griffin, Roy Nelson, Matt Serra and many more. Led by top UFC fighters as coaches, collecting TUF gear is a great way to invest in emerging UFC fighters. To understand the full scope of potential collector items, it’s important to recap the TUF fighters who went on to win UFC championships:
·    Forrest Griffin
A fan favorite and collector’s dream, Griffin won the UFC light heavyweight bout at UFC 86 after successfully competing in Season One of the Ultimate Fighter. His collectors’ items are particularly valuable, as he was the first TUF fighter to rise to prominence on an international scale.
·    Rashad Evans
As the second major TUF fighter to win a UFC championship, Evans won the light heavyweight title at UFC 92. He has earned a solid following among fans, opening up opportunities to collect a variety of TUF gear.
·    Matt Serra
The first TUF welterweight champion to successful win the UFC title, Serra won the bout at UFC 69. As a result, he is a prominent athlete who completes at the highest of levels. Collectable gear from Serra includes features from his appearance in Season four of TUF.

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