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Capturing the essence of top fights, the production quality and demand for top UFC DVDs has been increasing over the years. With collector’s editions, Blu-ray discs and a variety of special sets, it’s a great time to begin collecting MMA films. Here is a short list of top features worth checking out:

  • UFC Best of 2009

UFC video Best of 2009With best of 2009, you can see first-hand how the sport truly emerged into the mainstream. With over 2 hours of fighting, you can see behind the scenes and check out some of the most memorable fights from last year. Two multiple disc set is ideal for those who want to capture the true scope of the sport. A great collectors’ item you can recap fights including Forrest Griffin versus Silvia and Lesnar’s bout with Mir. For collectors looking to get into the ring, this is a great starting point. Click here to buy it.

  • UFC: Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights

Recounting the best fights over the past two decades, this DVD is a great set for collectors to see some legendary bouts. Featuring fighters ranging from Matt Hughes to Randy Courture and Chuck Lidell, this 8 disc collectors set is a much have. For those who want to go beyond a single season of fights, this DVD set captures a countdown of top bouts across the seasons. You can see the emergence of George St. Pierre in taking down the championship, as well as reliving Brock Lesnar’s legendary early fights. Click here to buy it

  • UFC 111

Hard core collectors will remember UFC 111 when George St. Pierre took down Dan Hardy and Frank Mir faced off against Shane Carwin. With over 3 hours of footage across two discs, this is a solid collectors set for the pure quality of the fights. You can see true behind the scenes footage during training, weigh ins and bouts. The optional Spanish commentary makes this a great international collector’s set.  Click here to buy it.

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