Silva vs Maia Puts Anderson in the Doghouse

April 11, 2010 by  
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One thing you can say about Anderson Silva.  He's not afraid to piss off the boss.

Silva's performance in defending his title belt on Saturday had serious UFC fans hot under the collar and UFC president Dana White steaming mad.  Knowing he had his ma with Demian Maia in the bag early, Silva coasted through the rest of the fight.  That did not sit well with White, who is trying to grow the sport on its dissimilarities to boxing.

Anderson SilvaWhether Silva is content to simply pick up a paycheck or is frustrated by the lack of real competition or simply doesn't care is not something White is concerned with.  What does matter to him is putting on a good show for those who are perhaps watching UFC for the first time.  Even thousands of miles away from American soil, UFC 112 still matters and Silva disappointed.

His effort Saturday was much like what we saw in UFC 90 and 97.  So if you're scoring at home, that's three lackluster performances.  While some may want Silva to take on GSP or Brock Lesnar, it might be hard for White to sell anyone on such a bout thanks to Silva's attitude.

For the record, the UFC says it sold out the outdoor Concert Arena on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi with 11,008 on hand. The gate was reportedly $3.5 million. That's not the kind of audience fighters or the man in charge should want to disappoint.

Silva knows he's good, though, and it's hard to see UFC turning its back on a star when "bad boy" images sometimes sell better than others.

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